Sinus Relief

It was 1968, and  I was 13 years old. We had now moved to Alexandria Louisiana. I had severe sinus problems in which my face would swell due to heavy inflammation in my sinuses. I would soak my handkerchief with cold water and place in it on my face while at church or school to help alleviate the pain. Medication never helped. If you ever had severe sinus issues you know how discomforting and painful it is!

One Sunday morning, I entered my 13 year old Sunday School class in much pain. We had about 25+ young people in there, plus the wonderful teachers: Alvin and Laverne Owens, Allen and Carrie Joyce Cripps, and Charlie Charrier. I was in so much pain I could not keep from crying as I continued to soak my face with my wet handkerchief. Charlie Charrier spoke up and said, “I do not know what is wrong with Mike, but we need to pray for him!”
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Disappearing Tumor

I truly believe that God can do ANYTHING! In 1961, Mom and Dad had made friends with Peggy and Judd Collins in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, and eventually won them to the Lord. Peggy and Judd had a daughter named Paula who was 5 years old and her growth was stunted due to a malignant tumor in her stomach. This tumor even kept her from eating!
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Double Pneumonia

Red Hot Prayer Meetings generate Miracles! In Thibodeaux, Louisiana, Dad and Mom were always having group prayer meetings at our house. I wonder what has happened to those types of meetings today? Well, we were having one of those kinds of prayer meetings at our house, and My little brother Donald was sick. He had been diagnosed with double pneumonia and could barely breathe.
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Just A Toe

I don’t how many of you have experienced the pain of an ingrown toenail, but hear me – they sure can cause you some grief!

While living in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, Mother had a severe ingrown toenail that had gotten really really bad! It was so bad she couldn’t put on a shoe because of how big it had gotten with inflammation. It was VERY PAINFUL! Since going to the doctor was not something we could afford, once again, Dad anointed the toe with oil and prayed!
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Empty Table

Thibodeaux, Louisiana in the early 1960’s was 99.9% Catholic and pretty much ruled by the leadership of the Catholic church. Due to lack of finances in a place that we were not wanted, because of our faith – not being Catholic – they tried to expel us several times and I will speak to that later. My father was limited on who would employ him. Those who did allow him to work, would only pay him a very insignificant amount ( Less than a dollar per hr, and Dad was an A1 Auto Mechanic), because the local priest had told them not to even hire Dad. Our family suffered being without many things – one of  them was a food shortage. We didn’t have all the different welfare programs available to us – We had to trust God!

Mother was wanting to prepare supper one afternoon and the cabinets were BARE! The only edible thing in the house was ice in the refrigerator!
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