Where Have You Been?

It was August, 1986, in Fort Payne, AL. My wife and I had established a church and God was doing some wonderful things. One Sunday, the Mitchell family visited with us. They had never been there before. Herbert C. and Margaret Mitchell sat down on the back row and we had church.

As I preached, the power of God moved in the house! I was prepared to dismiss service, when I felt heavily impressed by the Lord to pray for Margaret – this lady who I did not know. I said, “Lord I will pray for her tonight” The Lord said, “No, you will pray for her now!”
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Massive Stroke

It was Jan 12, 1977, and we were attending Wednesday evening church services in Alexandria, Louisiana. I was called to my Mother’s aid. She had fallen and couldn’t get up. We got her into the car and took her home, but she wasn’t as responsive as she should have been. Her speech was slurred, which made us believe that she had suffered a stroke.

We took her to Cabrini Hospital and found out she had definitely suffered a stroke. Her blood pressure was 326/260. Dad was on the road, and that was before cell phones, so we were trying to find him to let him know. Once dad arrived at the hospital on Thursday evening, Mother was in ICU and had developed Cerebral Hemorrhaging in her brain. She went into a very deep coma, and on that Saturday, her stroke was now classified as a massive stroke.
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Raised From The Dead

It was March 5th, 1972, around 5 PM in Alexandria, Louisiana, on South MacArthur Drive near Ransbottom Drive. My Dad had a load of roofing shingles on his truck for delivery, and although the load was secured with chains, it had shifted. Dad was walking around the load inspecting it, when the chain gave way and around 2500 lbs of roofing shingles fell on top of him – crushing him.

Jerry Morgan and I frantically pulled away the roofing materials to find my dad lifeless.
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Broken Leg

It was the summer of 1970, my Dad was driving cross country with a load of pipe along with several other trucks. Upon arriving at his destination in Escondido, CA, he began giving direction to the fork lift driver. While unloading the pipe, the fork lift driver, trying to correct a mistake, drove the steel forks into dad’s right shin breaking his leg. As he was getting off the trailer he attempted to
put some weight on his leg and the bone snapped exiting through the skin. This is commonly known as a compound fracture.
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Cancer? What Cancer?

In 1968, my Mother was diagnosed with cancer in the uterus, and was scheduled for surgery by Dr. Easterling, in Alexandria, Louisiana. On the Sunday night before surgery on Monday morning, Bro. GA Mangun was preaching on faith. He was moved to have a Prayer Line (People would walk thru a group of prayer warriors and be prayed for). As Bro. Mangun and the others prayed for Mother, Bro. Mangun told Mother to march around the sanctuary 3 times and she would be healed.
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