Burning Up

When a child gets sick, it places lots of stress on the mom/dad/sitter. The child cry’s, coughs, screams etc… sometimes are enough to break even the strongest mom/dad into a mental case due to not knowing what to do.

My brother Donald was 2 years old and we were living in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, when he got very sick his temperature was 105.6 under his arm – and holding. Mother was very distraught she was crying and praying. Dad was off at work. Folks, she was scared to death!
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Boiling Over

In 1960, I was 5 years old, and my Dad was following God’s call to start a church in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. Back then, there were no Home Mission programs, no organized Bible Study charts and materials,  and very few “atta boys” given out – Just pure raw faith in God. The community was 99.9% Catholic and they did not want another faith in their town – period. That will have to be another story =)

We pulled into town with an 8×36 trailer that held all our possessions, and parked in a little park on the edge of what was called “Devil’s Swamp.” We were the last trailer next to the swamp. Man, those mosquitoes were terrible – really TERRIBLE!  I guess my mom had got bitten a few times, and boils broke out all over her body. She was in such terrible pain. She awoke in the night weeping and awakened dad crying, saying she just couldn’t bear the pain any longer. We had no doctor to treat her, and no money to pay one. Dad got out the anointing oil.
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Blood Tumor

It was 1958, and I (Michael Sanders) was only 3 1/2 years old. Martha, my 2 year old sister,  had a blood tumor about the size of a 50-cent piece appear on her back. Dad and Mom took her to the doctor in Shreveport La and the doctor said  it needed to be taken care of, because, should it rupture, she could bleed to death.

I can, at that young age, remember the great concern of my parents. We didn’t have a lot in terms of finances. However, Dad and Mom had lots of faith!
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