Empty Table

Thibodeaux, Louisiana in the early 1960’s was 99.9% Catholic and pretty much ruled by the leadership of the Catholic church. Due to lack of finances in a place that we were not wanted, because of our faith – not being Catholic – they tried to expel us several times and I will speak to that later. My father was limited on who would employ him. Those who did allow him to work, would only pay him a very insignificant amount ( Less than a dollar per hr, and Dad was an A1 Auto Mechanic), because the local priest had told them not to even hire Dad. Our family suffered being without many things – one of  them was a food shortage. We didn’t have all the different welfare programs available to us – We had to trust God!

Mother was wanting to prepare supper one afternoon and the cabinets were BARE! The only edible thing in the house was ice in the refrigerator!

Mother told Dad, “Honey, there is NOTHING IN THE HOUSE TO EAT!” That’s a serious situation: 3 children, 2 adults, no food. Dad spoke to Mother and said,” Set the table.” She said, ” What?!” Dad insisted, “SET THE TABLE! Put out the plates, put out the glasses, put ice in the glasses, put out the silverware and put 2 pitchers on the table… 1 for the tea and 1 for the milk.”  Dad didn’t drink tea, only milk. We thought Dad had went off his rocker! Dad went to the front bed room in our little 8×36 trailer and we could hear him praying.

Dad came out of the room and we all sat down around the prepared table –  with the look of, “Whats Next?” Dad said, “Bow your heads, I am going to bless our food.” I want to tell you that now, we REALLY thought dad had lost it! Dad prayed a simple blessing for the food, and when he said, “Amen,” There was a knock on the front door!

Mom said, “Who in the world could that be?” Dad went to the door and there was the lady that managed the trailer park. In her hands was a large tray. She said, “Mr. Sanders, we were having a big fish fry this afternoon, and I thought about you and your family and wanted to bring you sweet folks some of our food. I have fried catfish, french fries, hush puppies – and I brought a jug of tea and A JUG OF MILK, because I knew you did not drink tea.” God had done it AGAIN!  He had supplied the needs of his servant!

I don’t care what your situation is, God is the “Jehovah-Jireh,”  the Lord that Provides! I challenge you to exercise your faith in Him. He will provide!

–Michael Sanders


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