This blog is the chronicle of how God has provided for, and performed miracles through, the ministries of the Sanders family over multiple generations.

May your faith be enriched by these true stories!

Gene Earl Sanders was called into the ministry in 1957. He and his wife, Nelda Sue, have traveled as evangelists and built churches. They are currently in the pastorate of the United Pentecostal Church in Flatwoods, LA.

Michael Gene Sanders is the eldest child of Gene and Nelda. He began evangelizing in 1974, and has pastored congregations in Lousiana, Alabama, and currently pastors Harvestland Church in Moro, Arkansas.


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    You need to put a cut off point on each of your posts so we don’t have to wade through each post to get to the next one. the “Read More Of This” icon is located on the post writing page. It’s where the Bold and Italics icons are listed. Put your cursor at the spot where you want the “Read More” cut to be, then click on the “More” icon. The “More” cut will be made at that point.


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