Disappearing Tumor

I truly believe that God can do ANYTHING! In 1961, Mom and Dad had made friends with Peggy and Judd Collins in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, and eventually won them to the Lord. Peggy and Judd had a daughter named Paula who was 5 years old and her growth was stunted due to a malignant tumor in her stomach. This tumor even kept her from eating!

The Collins’ family was at church, and Dad, along with the church, prayed for Paula. Judd remained in the back of the church observing everything. He had not yet gave his life to God. When the church had finished praying, Judd asked his wife, “Did you see what happened to Paula?” Peggy said, “No I had my eyes closed praying.” Judd said, “Well, while you all were praying, Paula’s body started glowing!” Doctors were flabbergasted when they found that the tumor had disappeared!

Later, Judd came to God, Paula grew into beautiful lady and now resides close to Kinder, LA. She has a wonderful family and continues to live for God.

PS: By the way, Paula and I both received the Holy Ghost at the same time! 🙂

I pray that if you need encouragement, you find these testimonies of miracles helpful! Trust God!

–Michael Sanders


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