Just A Toe

I don’t how many of you have experienced the pain of an ingrown toenail, but hear me – they sure can cause you some grief!

While living in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, Mother had a severe ingrown toenail that had gotten really really bad! It was so bad she couldn’t put on a shoe because of how big it had gotten with inflammation. It was VERY PAINFUL! Since going to the doctor was not something we could afford, once again, Dad anointed the toe with oil and prayed!

Understand this, once you have an ingrown toenail it will continue to come back unless it is surgically clipped – sometimes even that doesn’t work forever. Well,  Dad prayed the prayer of faith and the toe suddenly downsized and dried up!

Oh yes God even heals ingrown toenails! Until this day, Mother has NEVER had another ingrown toenail! God “God-clipped” it!

God cares if your hurting, no matter if it is an ingrown toenail or cancer! God can do anything and will help, IF you trust Him.

–Michael Sanders


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