Double Pneumonia

Red Hot Prayer Meetings generate Miracles! In Thibodeaux, Louisiana, Dad and Mom were always having group prayer meetings at our house. I wonder what has happened to those types of meetings today? Well, we were having one of those kinds of prayer meetings at our house, and My little brother Donald was sick. He had been diagnosed with double pneumonia and could barely breathe.

Donald was wheezing so bad that, periodically, he would stop breathing. Dad went into that room picked up Donald and draped him over his shoulder, and walked around with him while praying within a couple minutes. Donald’s breathing became normal and his bronchial and lung problems were cleared and Donald was made whole! God healed him AGAIN! The next day Mother took Donald for a followup checkup and the Doctor, who couldn’t believe it. The doctor said it was a MIRACLE! Ain’t God Good?!

–Michael Sanders


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