Massive Stroke

It was Jan 12, 1977, and we were attending Wednesday evening church services in Alexandria, Louisiana. I was called to my Mother’s aid. She had fallen and couldn’t get up. We got her into the car and took her home, but she wasn’t as responsive as she should have been. Her speech was slurred, which made us believe that she had suffered a stroke.

We took her to Cabrini Hospital and found out she had definitely suffered a stroke. Her blood pressure was 326/260. Dad was on the road, and that was before cell phones, so we were trying to find him to let him know. Once dad arrived at the hospital on Thursday evening, Mother was in ICU and had developed Cerebral Hemorrhaging in her brain. She went into a very deep coma, and on that Saturday, her stroke was now classified as a massive stroke.

Sunday, about noon, Dr. Reid and Dr. Dodson came out and told Dad that Mother had expired.

Dad asked if he could go back to see her and they said yes. When he went back to where Mother was, the nurse was disconnecting the IVs and other equipment. Dad asked the nurse what happened and the nurse said that her blood pressure had gone higher. The monitors were still hooked up showing a flat line and Dad began to cry and pray. He reminded God of the commitments made and the work that had been accomplished by Mother in helping to establish a church for His Glory in Thibodeaux, LA.

Suddenly, Dad looked up at the monitor. It was showing signs of a heart beat! Mother had come back to life!

Dr. Dobson was called and he immediately came back into her room. Her blood pressure remained very high and the Dr. Dobson said, “She is alive for now, but she cannot live under the conditions of her elevated blood pressure.” He asked Dad if he could run dye to Mother’s brain to see what caused the stroke. The family met and prayed and the decision was made to run the dye.

There were over 500 of our church members lining the halls on every floor of that hospital and praying! Once they had run the dye, Dr. Dobson came out and told Dad that there was no blood between the tissues of her brain, there were no tumors on her brain, there were no blood clots in her brain, there were no obstructive arteries, there was no brain damage – and then Dr. Dobson said, ”Praise the Lord!”

Now listen to this! We were standing by Mother’s bed when the nurse exclaimed, “LOOK! Her blood pressure is coming down!” It came down to 120/72. The Dr. said, “That is perfect!” Mother woke up smiled and said, “Hello Doctor.” He said,”How did you know I was a doctor?” Mother replied, “I just did.” Dad said, “Honey do you know who I am?” She said, “Yes I know you!” Dad asked, “Well, who am I?” Mother replied, “JESUS!” Her sense of humor had come back as well!

It wasn’t long before they prepared to discharge Mother. Dr. Reid told us that he had to find out what caused Mother to live. Mother invited him to go to church with her. He went, and the next day when he went back to the hospital where all the nurses asked, “Did you go to church with the Sanders?” When they asked him if he had discovered why Mother had lived, he answered, “I did… Her God and her church!”

Now Folks, I just feel like doing a little shout and dance right here as I recall all of what God has done for us! God is SO GOOD! I pray that this miracle has encouraged and helped you to trust God in ALL THINGS!

–Michael Sanders


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