Broken Leg

It was the summer of 1970, my Dad was driving cross country with a load of pipe along with several other trucks. Upon arriving at his destination in Escondido, CA, he began giving direction to the fork lift driver. While unloading the pipe, the fork lift driver, trying to correct a mistake, drove the steel forks into dad’s right shin breaking his leg. As he was getting off the trailer he attempted to
put some weight on his leg and the bone snapped exiting through the skin. This is commonly known as a compound fracture.

He was immediately rushed to a nearby doctor’s office for immediate assistance. The doctor set Dad’s leg and demanded that he go to the hospital and check-in for few days until the swelling went down, and to put a cast on his leg. Dad in his Sanders’ stubbornness said, “I will not be put in any hospital for weeks while being 1500 miles from home.” The doctor told Dad, “Man, you are NUTS!”

One of the drivers(Dan Geisler) that witnessed the whole thing helped Dad to a phone to call Mother. The phone call went like this.

“Honey I have hurt myself… broke my leg, and I need you call Bro. Mangun (GA Mangun was the pastor of our church in Alexandria, LA) and tell him to have the people pray at exactly 11 am. I need a touch of God!”

Mother called Bro. Mangun and told him what had happened. At exactly 11 am on Sunday morning, Bro. Mangun told the church that, “Bro. Gene Sanders has been injured and we need to pray right NOW!”

I remember as almost 900 people hit their knees and the prayers of God’s people went up! Somewhere at a truck stop, hundreds of miles away, Dad sat up in his sleeper, in much pain, looked at his clock and saw that it was 11 am. He laid his hands on his leg and began to pray. He said, “God my church is praying right now, and I am praying right now. My Faith is in you! Now leg, in the Name of Jesus, I pray healing into you right NOW!”

Dad said, “There was heat that hit my head, ran all the way thru my leg, and out my foot! I knew I had been healed.” He took the bandage off his leg and proceeded to get in the driver’s seat. Dad drove all the way to Shreveport LA. We met him there, and when mother saw his leg, she was emphatic that he go to the Dr. in Shreveport. It was every color you can think of!

The doctor at Doctor’s Hospital Clinic x-rayed dad’s leg, called Mother outside the room, and said, “Mrs Sanders, I would never want to call your husband a liar. I can see where the bone came through the skin, but the bone looks as if it has never been touched!” God had done the miraculous. A broke leg that should have taken 6 weeks to heal was healed within a couple days!

The story doesn’t stop there, as there was still pain in the leg. The doctor talked Dad into putting a cast on it – to protect it I guess. Well, Dad and his brother Walter drove on to Rhode Island to deliver his load. On the way back, the Lord spoke to him and said, “I thought you trusted me in healing your leg, why do you have cast on it?” Dad had Uncle Walter saw the cast off!

He was still experiencing pain due to all the inflammation when Wednesday night came and church service was going on in Alexandria, LA. It was one of the ho-hum type services – all was quiet. Bro. Mangun was ministering, and Dad, in his big truck, decided he was going to church. He drove his truck up on the levee in front of the church and climbed down to the ground still in pain. As he headed across Rapides Avenue, when his foot touched the curb outside the church, all his pain left!

I remember sitting on the front row and hearing the doors squeak as they opened up and Dad walked into the room. Folks, when he came through those doors – walking – everyone in the house erupted! The rejoicing was only the beginning. Bro. Mangun called Dad up on the platform and started asking dad about his leg. Bro. Mangun said,”Show us that leg!” Dad raised up his pants leg and you could see all the black and purple, but he was walking on it. Bro. Mangun said, “It was broke and now its healed!” Dad started dancing across the platform, doing one of those War Dance shouts!

God had once again answered the prayers of His people! Bro. Mangun from then on called Dad his “Miracle Boy.” Folks, just trust GOD! He can – and will – do it for you too!

PS: My Uncle Walter was so moved by this miracle, that he gave himself to God and continues to live for God to this day!

–Michael Sanders


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