Shrinking Tumor

In 1982, Becky Bryant was having pain in her abdomen area and went to see Dr Bowers in Leesville, LA. Dr Bowers told her that she had tumor growing in her female organs. It would have to be removed and she would not be able have any more children. She had three children already. She was visiting her father-in-law who was familiar with my Dad’s church in Flatwoods, LA. He told her that, if she would go to see Bro. Sanders and have the church pray, that God would heal her.

Becky came to the church and the church gathered around her in prayer. Dad asked her to put her hand on the tumor and then he placed his hand over hers. As he prayed, and as the church prayed, the tumor under her hand disappeared!

A short time later, when she went for a followup visit with Dr. Bowers, he stated the tumor was no longer there. God had delivered! Becky was healed! That has been almost 30 years ago and Becky still remains free of any tumors. She has had two more healthy children. Becky continues to attend the United Pentecostal Church in Flatwoods, LA.

God still heals!!!

–Michael Sanders


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