The Softball

In September of 2012, Nera Mae White, who attends my Dad’s church in Flatwoods LA, had a knee problem. It had required corrective surgery six months before. However, her knee continued to give her problems. Her doctor said that it just needed time to heal. It had been over 6 months since her surgery, and she continued to have complications that hindered her ability to walk.

After her pain continued to worsen, her friends and family asked her to consider a second opinion. So, she went to another doctor, and he concluded that she had developed a tumor in her knee, causing more complications. The tumor grew into the size of a softball! THAT’S RIGHT – A SOFTBALL!

The doctor took a biopsy and found that it was a malignant tumor. She needed chemo and radiation, so she agreed to the treatments. However, the treatments did not have any effect on the tumor. She continued to be in horrific pain.

She came to the church and told Dad, “I have to have a touch from God!”

Dad had the church pray and fast one whole day. That night, they anointed her knee with oil, and prayed the prayer of faith. The tumor immediately disappeared! Her pain immediately left! AND she walked for the first time in about 6 months! Somebody ought to give God praise right here!! Glory!!…Her son, Gary, carried her back to the Doctor and he asked her where she had been to have the tumor removed! AND Gary said Doctor I have brought her to you numerous times and other Doctors too and it only took one trip to God to take care of it!! My Lord! Somebody ought to be dancing right NOW!

Take that devil! God is STILL IN THE HEALING BUSINESS IN 2012!!!

Whatever you need you can receive…Have Faith IN GOD!!!


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