Create In Me A Clean Heart!

Bill Kittrell attended the church that I pastored in Ft Payne, AL. He was a school bus driver, and he also worked for one of the local judges. One day, Bill started having all the symptoms of a heart attack. He drove himself to the local hospital. By the time he got there, he had already turned bluish in color, and was immediately admitted.

After all the tests came back, Bill was told that he had suffered a major heart attack and that his heart was very scarred. He would no longer be able to drive the school bus, or do the kind of work he was doing. He would have to retire. They had an ambulance waiting to transport him to Birmingham, AL, so that he could receive the attention he needed. In the meantime, the Birmingham hospital began to receive copies of the tests that had been run on Bill.

Bill had told the hospital to contact me when he went in, so I was there soon after he was admitted. I walked into Bill’s room as he awaited the ambulance transport, and I asked him, “Bill, do you believe God can heal you?” He answered, “Yes!” I anointed him with oil and prayed. The power of God circulated through the room, and Bill felt the touch of God. While I was praying, the ambulance service came to get him, but the Holy Ghost was at work – so they had to wait 🙂

I told Bill that I would meet them in Birmingham. A couple of hours later, the doctors in Birmingham ran their own tests. When they compared their tests to the ones from the Ft Payne hospital, Bill had no signs of ever having a heart attack! There was no scar tissue – his heart was clean and they released him to go home that afternoon!

Bill kept his job and continued to give God the Glory! Today, Bill still resides in DeKalb County Alabama!

God is Great and Greatly to Praised!

–Michael Sanders


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