The Fleece

Most of us desire the desire the “perfect will” of God in our lives. Knowing we are truly in His Will really does make a difference in how we perform.

I was evangelizing full time in 1982, was staying busy, and God was blessing. However, I felt that God had something else for me. Often in prayer, I asked the Lord, “What am I supposed to be doing?” I had been asked to assist a pastor in Montgomery, AL. This would have been, financially, a good choice with future opportunities. I could have easily remained an evangelist, for I was booked months ahead. I even felt that I could become a Home Missionary to Fort Payne, AL. Finally, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Wherever you go, and whatever you do, I will go with you.”

I want tell you that it felt good to know that HE would be with me in whatever decision I made doing His work. However, I wasn’t really happy with the answer! I arrived at my home, in Alexandria, LA, in late September 1982, after 40 nights of back to back revivals and many wonderful things that had happened. I was really wanting the extreme perfect will of God in my life. it wasn’t that I wasn’t happy, I just wanted to please God. I wanted to be perfectly in place with God – not my will but HIS WILL!

It was on a Sunday Night, in ALexandria, LA, the place was packed with about 1200 people, and Marrell Cornwell was preaching on outreach. I was standing by the left wall, in the front of the church, facing the platform. Bro. Cornwell said, “I want everybody who has never taught a Bible Study to come down front. I want to pray for you!” God’s Spirit was really heavy in the church. I knew that the devil can hear what we say, but he can’t read your mind. So, I decided to fleece God with my thoughts! IN MY THOUGHTS, I prayed, “God, if it is your extreme perfect WILL for me to go to Ft Payne, AL, and start a Home Mission work, then when Marrrell Cornwell comes by me, he will stop and tell me that he feels the Holy Ghost on me.”

I got caught up in the Spirit as Bro. Cornwell was praying for others. I could hear him praying for the others, and he was moving closer to me. I felt him as he moved by – and passed me up. I said to myself, “Well, that’s ok.” I was just trying God, that’s all. If He didn’t want me to go, I wouldn’t go. It was as simple as that. I would simply have to keep praying and seeking His will.

The next thing I knew, I felt someone in front of me, and hands were laid upon my shoulders. I heard Bro. Marrell Cornwell say, “BROTHER! I DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I HAVE NEVER MET YOU BEFORE! AND WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. BUT, GOD SAID TO TELL YOU THAT I FEEL THE HOLY GHOST ON YOU – IF THAT MEANS ANYTHING!” Folks, my legs got weak! My body got weak! But my faith went out the roof!

God had answered my fleece exactly as I had thought it!

It wasn’t but a few days later, and I was loaded up, pulling out for Ft Payne, AL.

I never doubted God’s 1st answer when He said He would go with me in whatever path I chose. But, I really wanted the place of perfection and I found it! YOU CAN TOO!

–Michael Sanders


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