Burning Up

When a child gets sick, it places lots of stress on the mom/dad/sitter. The child cry’s, coughs, screams etc… sometimes are enough to break even the strongest mom/dad into a mental case due to not knowing what to do.

My brother Donald was 2 years old and we were living in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, when he got very sick his temperature was 105.6 under his arm – and holding. Mother was very distraught she was crying and praying. Dad was off at work. Folks, she was scared to death!

Donald was in a bad way! We had no family physician to call, so Mother tried to call dad again and again before  finally reaching him. She said, “I have to find a doctor for Donald he is so sick!” Dad rushed home and laid his hands on Donald and prayed!

There was nothing immediate that happened, so Mother said to Dad, “Honey, I believe your prayers, I trust your faith.  But, I have to take Donald to a doctor!”

Mother got in the only car we had, and rushed to a doctor’s office. Dad stayed home praying fervently!

 James 5:16 … the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”

Mother found Dr. Joseph Powell and told him what happened. Dr. Powell took Donald into the examination room and told Mother, “Mrs Sander,s your son is not sick! His temperature is normal!” Then he noted, “However, I can see by his skin that he has had extremely high fever – but his fever is now gone!”

God had done it again! Donald was healed. However, his skin was flaking off – a sign that he had had a high fever. Well, Mother took Donald home and laid him in his bed. Right above his bed was picture of Jesus. Donald sat up and pointed at the picture told Dad, “Daddy, Jesus healed me!”

The song says it well “Come on and give the Lord the Highest Praise, Hallelujah Hallelujah!

Folks, trust God – He will do it for you!

–Michael Sanders


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